Protein Rich Mixture

Protein Rich Mixture

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Organic. Gluten Free. Healthy Snack.

Organic Ingredients:  Sprouted and Roasted Chickpea, CowPea, Greengram, Horsegram, Peanut, Melon Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Spices and salt.

Nutritional info : Amount 100g, Energy (kcal) 418, Protein (g) 17.8, Fat (g) 19.8, Carbohydrates  (g) 45.2, Fiber   (g) 3.9, Sugar (g) 1.2, Trans Fat (g) 0,

Saturated Fat (g) 2.4, Calcium    (mg) 58.7, Iron (mg) 6.9, Sodium (mg) 843.9, Calories from Fat (kcal) 178