HB Farm Stories

Chidanand, Farmer at 71

17 Jul 2021

Chidanand is one of the oldest farmers in HB community. At the age of 73, he still brings in his own harvest and ensures everything is ok. He grows drumstick leaves, and baby corn In his farm in the outskirts of Bangalore currently for Healthy Buddha. A very passionate farmer who believes organic or natural farming is the only way to farm.

Proud Govindaraju, introducing his new family member

24 Jul 2021

Govindaraju grows greens for us at HB and he was mighty proud to introduce us to the new addition "Gauri" to his family.

Nagaraj showing off his carrot harvest

17 Jul 2021

Farmer Nagaraju showing off his stunning batch of carrots during our visit to his farm on the outskirts of Bangalore. He strongly believes when people eat, taste and use organic produce they are sure to find out the difference.

Delicate organic strawberries, Sandeep has you covered

17 Jul 2021

Strawberries are among the fruits that are known to have high load of pesticide use. We are very grateful to our passionate farmer friend Sandeep who sends us with great care certified organic strawberries all the way from Mahabaleshwar. He has been practising organic farming for the past 4 years and takes great care in growing these delicate fruits with absolutely no chemicals.

Farmer brothers who turned around their Grapes Orchard

08 Oct 2021

Kiran and his brother decided to take over their ancestral farmlands in Chikaballapur of which a part has been devoted to growing blue grapes. Initially, they had a rocky start with using chemical farming methods. It affected their yeilds, sent costs soaring high and leaving them to deal with loses. But the brothers werent about to give up. They switched over to zero budget natural farming methods. With persistence and passion they have they have turned things around, creating healthy soil and producing beautiful harvests. They would like to give a lot of credit to their pair of desi cows - Malnad Gidda and Hallikar, and also to the millions of earthworms that their farm is teeming with now.

Our mentor PB Murali, receiving the best farmer award

26 Jul 2021

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen, we are proud to say Mr. Murali PB, Mentor of Healthy Buddha, has been awarded with Best Farmer "Mankanni Chemmal" Award by Tamilnadu Agricultural University & Tamilnadu government.

The making of an urban organic farmer, Kumar

24 Jul 2021

Kumar was brought up on his fathers farm. He watched his father and his farm suffer due to unsustainable chemical farming methods. He decided to take a different route. He completed his studies, became a software engineer by profession and left aboard to work. Always a farmer at heart, years later he returned, researched extensively and revived his plot of land into a successful organic farm.

Jeevamrutham, the traditional natural fertilizer

24 Jul 2021

Many of you might be wondering, how does an organic farmer grow his plants without any fertilizers? Where is the plant getting the required nutrients? How can the plant grow well? Organic Farming uses a traditional organic fertilizer called Jeevamrutham. It can be used as a fertilizer for each plant for every week, which boosts the plant growth and gives good yield. It need to be used within one week of preparation. Once Jeevamrutham is applied, one shouldn’t water the plants for 12 hrs.

Farmers hard at work, transplanting Paddy

24 Jul 2021

In our farm on the outskirts of chennai, farmers are transplanting Paddy. This is a popular variety in TN called Ponni rice. Organic farmers mostly prefer this variety as it responds well under natural nutrients supply. Even though the yields may not be as high as commercial varieties, they work to preserve these high quality varieties.

Kadappa Sweet Lime Farmers

17 Jul 2021

Passionate farmers from Kadappa in AP, growing sweet limes for HB They take great care in growing their fruits with only natural materials like plant oils and age old farming preparations like Panchaghavya. They come to HB personally to reach their harvest to be delivered to you all.

Marketer turned farmer, Munisamy

17 Jul 2021

Is a marketer turned organic farmer, who absolutely loves his farm life. He grows amazing Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cabbages, Brinjals, and white pumpkins and has been working closely with HB for many years now. He uses microbe cultures for soil fertility and keeping pests away in a natural way. He is one among passionate farmers who is really interested in honing his craft. Ethusiastic in collaborating with us for our gardening workshops too.

Padmaja, champion woman farmer

15 Jul 2021

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Padmaja, over the last 4 years at HB. She started out with her kicthen garden in effort to grow chemical free food and today manages her own farms. She takes great pride and passion in what she grows. The amazing fresh turmeric, drumstick, brinjal purple, tender coconut you order at HB, come from her farm. Great to see her showing the way & inspiring women in farming.