Being organic is a lifestyle change. It is a path we take tostay away from harmful chemicals. This extends to our household cleaningproducts too. We use these cleaning products regularly and encounter them almosta daily basis and it is very important to make sure they are free of harmfulsubstances.


These natural cleaners are mainly made of ingredients likenatural oils, soapnuts, citrus, tamarind etc.

Reasons to switch to Natural Cleaners

  •         Chemicals in cleaners can leave residues behind which can comein contact with skin and even go into your body through food you consume.
  •          Natural cleaners are more ecofriendly and gentler on theenviroment.
  •          Chemicals in the cleaners can be absorbed by skin while using,so better to use cleaners with natural ingredients.
  •          Minimum natural ingredients most of which are common items youcan easily recognise on the list.
  •          The chemical residues left in the air by some cleaners canaffect respiratory systems.
  •          Natural cleaners are these days available in various forms, convenientfor all types usages.
  •          Less chances of developing any allergies.

Buy natural cleaners at Healthy Buddha Organic

 If you are shopping on Healthy Buddha then you can be rest assuredthat all the cleaners which you buy are 100% free of toxic chemicals.  If youre looking to lead an organic way oflife, you would need to switch your chemical laden cleaners with some naturalones.


These are in regular use at home, so it is better for health andgentler on the environment. Here are some go to natural products we havealready incorporated at our homes:


  •         Hand wash liquid
  •          Dishwash soap
  •          Bathroom cleaner
  •          Floor cleaner
  •          Laundry powder


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