These vessels, kitchen tools and items are carved out ofsoapstone, a naturally occurring soft stone. Soap stone has been used inIndia for thousands of years for carving and for making vessels. 

They are natural and from the earth. Each piece is carefullyhand chiseled by artisans from Tamil Nadu. We aim to bring back thesetraditions and want their artisanship to be preserved as well. Before bringingthese to you, we made sure to visit the artists who make them. Since eachpiece is hand chiseled, it is difficult to produce exact copies like machinemade vessels. So there might be slight variations in size or shape.With basic care, these stone cookware are extremely durable andlast for generations. Living proof are the vessels our grandmothers passed on to us,that we're able to use even today.

 Before using for cooking the soapstone vessels need to beseasoned. Don’t worry, for Healthy Buddha has already done all the seasoning stepsand made it ready to use for you.


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