Cold pressing to obtain oil and handchurned ghee have for long been the traditional way of preparing these dairyproducts.

Ghee has been mentioned in the ayurvedic textsuch as Sushruta Samhita as beneficial for the whole body. Our A2 pure ghee is prepared from milk of grass fed desigir cows following a traditional method by an Ayurvedic expert locally. Don’tmiss out on the goodness of Desi Ghee. Add few spoons to your everyday meals. Pureorganic desi ghee would be your best choice for maximum benefits.

Benefits of Pure A2 Desi Ghee

  • Prepared using an Ayurvedic method using milk of grass fed Desi cows, involving  no added preservatives/chemicals.
  • Beneficial for our whole body according to Ayurveda.
  • Added to daily cooking helps digestion by keeping gut healthy.
  • Considered to improve absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Loaded with healthy fats, Vitamin A.
  • Helps lubricating joints, keeping skin and hair healthy.
  • Known to be anti-inflammatory and aid to immunity.
  • Enhances taste of food consumed.

They say that cold pressing of seeds togive oil can be traced back 5000 years - in evidence of seeds and hand pressingmachines of Harappan civilization remains. 'Kachhi', 'Ghani', 'Chekku' are someof the more common terms you might have heard being used for cold pressed oils.'Ghani' refers to the mortar pestle tools (stone/ even wood) that were used to crushand extract oil from seeds. Read more..