Herbs are essentially the leaf parts of plants that are used in cooking. Besides salt/sugar they have been used for along time to flavour food and even for medicinal purposes. They can enhance the taste of virtually any dish they are added to even if added to a dessert preparation.

How Are These Dried Herbs Made ?

The herbs we get are grown in the temperate region of the Himalayas. These culinary herbs are cultivated above 6,000 feet.

Handpicked, shade-dried and packed in whole leaf form (to preserve maximum fragrance and color) by a group of 40 farmers(most of whom are women) nestled in the picturesque village of the Kumaon region. 

Farmers in this group are encouraged to grow these herbs naturally, in small patches without any chemical inputs and to carry on this activity for supplementary income while continuing with their traditional agriculture and horticulture activities. Women, especially are most happy with this programme as they not only have an opportunity to earn home-based income and get money directly into their hands.Read more..

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