Flour hasalways been a staple in the Indian kitchen and is considered a highlynutritious and healthy diet for a long time. Organic flour is milled frompesticide-free grains and is grown using only natural fertilizers. They are notartificially processed or refined. Organic flour contains zero chemical contentand additives and it can retain all the natural nutrients of the grains withoutaltering its structure in any way. In recent years, organic atta has becomewidely available in supermarkets and online stores because of the benefits ithas over regular atta.

How Is Organic Flour Made?

Organic flour is produced from grainsthat are grown and raised organically in soil that is fertilized by naturalsubstances. The harvested grain is stored without fumigants or irradiation.Hence, you can stop worrying about pesticides and other synthetic agentsgetting retained in the flour. These organic grains is then milled in atraditional flour mill also known as chakki where they are slowlygrinded at a normal temperature.

Conventional flour is grinded inindustrial flour mills where the steel rollers emit high amounts of heat thateliminate the nutrient content of the flour.

Health Benefits Of Organic Flour

  • Promotes bone health

Organic flour is a rich source ofphosphorous which is one of the essential minerals that help in buildingstronger bones.

  • Improves metabolism

The Vitamin B1 in organic flour helpsin maintaining glucose metabolism.

  • Regulates blood sugar level

Magnesium in organic flour helps inimproving the insulin response of the body by lowering the resistance towardsinsulin

  • Improves mental health

Organic flour is rich in niacin whichboosts the functioning of the brain and improves mental health

  • Retains flavour, quality andnutrients

Since organic flour is stone milledthe friction from the stones heats the flour up gradually preventing the lossof enzymes and vitamins in the flour.

Where Can I Buy Organic Flour Online?

You can buy healthy and nutritiousorganic flour online from Healthy Buddha at a reasonable price with just a fewclicks from the comfort of your home. To make your shopping experience seamlesswe provide you with multiple payment options, reward programs, easy returns anddiscounted rates. You can also use our mobile app to purchase your grocery.

Buy Organic Flour Online from Healthy Buddha

Here are some of the 100% organicflour we have in our online marketplace -

  • Sattu Atta - Sattu or bajra is a gluten-free flour made from roastedBengal gram. It is rich in iron, manganese, magnesium and low in sodium.
  • Besan Flour - Besan flour or gram flour is made by grinding chickpeas intoflour. It has high fibre content and low in calories than refined wheat flour.
  • Maize Flour - Maize flour or makki atta ismade from corn. It is essentially dried corn that has been grounded into soft,fine particles.
  • Buckwheat Flour - Buckwheat flour is grown in the hilly region of Sikkim. Itis a gluten-free power food that is a good source of fiber and rich inminerals.

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