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Pulses come in various shapes, sizes, and colours and can now be grown in pods. They have long been a staple of the human diet. It was 7000–8000 BC when chickpea, lentil, and bean production began. Worldwide, pulses are used in a variety of dishes, including Middle Eastern hummus, Indian dals, and Mexican kidney beans. They are well-liked because of their affordability, longer shelf life, and high nutritional content.

Health Benefits of Dals and Pulses

The main distinction between pulses cultivated organically and those grown conventionally is that organic pulses contain no pesticides or additives, avoiding exposure to toxic chemicals. These organic dals are naturally unpolished or semi-polished, which helps to preserve their nutritious value.
  • Pulses are high in protein. Hence they can be especially beneficial for people who do not want to eat non-veg or can’t obtain enough protein from dairy sources.
  • Pulses are also high in fiber and can be added to any meal. A fiber-rich diet is linked to a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Pulses are high in minerals and B vitamins while being low in fat. They are also excellent providers of zinc and iron.
  • Pulses can be preserved for an extended time and used in various recipes to enhance nutritional value.
  • They even take lesser water to produce than other sources of protein.
  • The fertility & productivity of the soil can be increased because of these plant's nitrogen-fixing abilities.

What is Dal?

One of the most popular ingredients and meals in Indian cuisine is dal. The phrase describes a thick, sour stew cooked from lentils. Dal preparations come in countless forms. Dal's appeal might be linked to its delicious flavor and high nutritional value. The protein content of dal makes it an essential part of the diet of many vegetarian Indians.

How to Cook Whole Grains Dals and Pulses?

Pulses and dals are nutrient-dense foods that can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They can be used as a main dish, a side dish, or even a nutritious element in smoothies, baked products, and snacks. If this is your first time cooking lentils, always rinse them to get rid of the impurities. Slow cooking produces the best-tasting dals and pulses.
Besan is one type of pulse that is crushed into flour. Numerous dishes, including vegetable pakora, khandvi, kadhi, sev, puda, and countless others, are made with this flour. Soaked pulses along with soaked rice can be grounded to achieve batter consistency. This nutritious batter can be used to make delicious dishes like handvo, dosa, and idli. A traditional Indian sweet dish, moong dal halwa, is prepared using moong lentils, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder. You can check our recipe blog for easy, quick, delicious pulses and dal-based recipes. 

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Without a doubt, the healthiest produce is that which is the most unprocessed or raw. Unpolished dals have more fiber and a greater flavor. Compared to polished dals, choosing unpolished dal indicates choosing a higher protein level. Dal that hasn't been polished retains more of its natural nutrients, making it healthier.
Despite frequently mistaken for lentils, dals are any split pulses (legumes). The dry and edible seed of the pod is referred to as a pulse. This comprises peas, beans, lentils, and other tiny seeds found in beans or lentils. Therefore, in Indian culture, any split legume is considered a dal.
Unpolished pulses can be kept in an air-tight container in the refrigerator. The pulses will therefore be protected from insects and won't decay for an extended period. If you want to store a lot of grains, place some dry neem leaves in the bottom of the container before adding the grains. The grains will remain protected in this condition for a long time. Farmers have long used this method to prevent insects from ruining their crops.
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