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Organic Ingredients - Jowar is loaded with protein, complex carbohydrates, and dietary fibre. I..


Hand plucked from a known orchard is in between HP and uatherkandIt’s a small house old farm wi..


Farm Location - Sakleshpur1kg - 4-5 fruits3.5 year old tree. This is the First CropOnly Organic Manu..

Rs409 - 500 Gms

It is pre season and hence the supply is very less and prices are on the higher side.Mangosteen is a..

In Season
Rs239 - 500 Gms

Jamun and childhood summer memories are always intertwined. Kalakhatta - They are a perfect combinat..

Rs209 - 300 Gms

Raw Banana ChipsFully matured raw bananas are pealed and sliced Into the boiling coconut oil and fri..

Rs179 - 200 Gms

Organic Ingredients: Ragi Flour, Besan Flour, Groundnut, Roasted Gram, Sunflower Oil, Chilli Powder,..


Will ripen in 1-3 days. These mangoes dont turn yellow. One can check if they are ripe by checking t..


Organic Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes - from Nitin Kajuwes Farms -  Ratnagiri, Maharastra. &n..


Have you tried Dudhiya Malda Mango yet? Here are some interesting info on this amazing mangoes from ..

Founders Pick

Banana chips isone of the most delicious and famous snacks in India. Especially the Nendranchips pre..


The apricot fruit, comes from the same farm from where we get our cherries in Himachal. Since these ..

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