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Founders Pick

Sweet, fragrant rolls... Theyre soft fluffy and delicious. By the side of some hot chocolate and a c..


Ingredients : Organic HB Yelakki Banana, Organic unrefined brown sugar, Organic Wheat flour, Or..

In Season
Rs139 - 1 Kg


Rs119 - 400-500g

Our Broccoli comes from a passionate farmer in outskirts of Bangalore. We sell it only during season..

Founders Pick

Kindly avoid ordering these fruits if you need a perfect strawberries without any bruises. These&nbs..

Rs409 - 2kg OFFER (LIMITED)

Typically it is quite difficult to grow grapes without chemicals but it is grown in very few pockets..


Popularly known as Nolen Gur. Date palm jaggery extracted from palm tree while cane sugar ..

Rs39 - 1 Packet

Baby Methi is just young Methi that farmers harvest during the early stages of plant growth, general..


For the convenience of our customers, we will deshell fresh coconut and pack them in a box. Ple..

Rs150 - 1 Piece

This classic tofu tastes and works like paneer. To give our Tofu a better taste and ..

Rs169 - 1 Kg

Kinnow Orange is a hybrid variety of mandarin orange grown in Punjab...

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