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Handcrafted produce from organic dried apricots from Ladakh with no preservatives or chemicals. Ingr..


Also known as Puli-Meka, Aadu-Puli Aatam, Bagh Aur Bakri, Bagh Chal, Bagh Bakar, Puli Judam.Look out..


Jumbo Sized Organic Custard Apple. Each Pc about 250gms.Comes from 5 year old organic farm (Poman ag..


Golden berries, commonly known as Rasbhari in India. Called by various other names like : Inca berry..


The other common names for chukka kura are spinach dock, khatta palak, Indian sorrel. This veggie be..

Rs199 - 1 Kg

Exterior may not be appealing, as in it may have marks, brown / black shades. But one thing we assur..


This variety is Golden custard apple, with each fruit being 250 to 500 gm approximately, with good p..

Rs189 - 500 Gms

Indian variety of fruit that comes from the Nilgiris. It will be slightly on the sour side.  So..

Limited Stock
Rs239 - 1 BOX

Mulberries are the fruits of mulberry trees and related to figs and breadfruit. They come from the s..

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