Ways to help ward off mosquitoes naturally

Ways to help ward off mosquitoes naturally

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Saturday 20th August 2022

6 household items & 4 ready made options that can help you keep mosquitos away, naturally

Getting attacked by a group of mosquitoes has become a daily event for me. Especially in the monsoon seasons I find its almost impossible to escape them.  

Chemical creams and coils are something I surely want to stay far away from. 

So I researched and was amazed to know many of these household items that can help keep the mosquitos away naturally.

Lemon & Cloves

Insert couple of cloves into a lemon half and keep it where you like. Clove contains eugenol which is known to have a strong repelling aroma for the mosquitoes.


We know it has a strong smell. This keeps mosquito far away from area. You could use a diffuser or light some tablets up and show it around the house. 


The sulfur and smell of garlic should have the mosquitoes staying far far away. Solution of crushed garlic boiled in water should be helpful. 

Coffee grounds

Easy to find in many of our houses. Especially useful if you have stagnating water in places. Add some coffee grounds and this will get rid of the larvae. The strong aroma also helps with existing mosquitoes and other pests. 


The fragrance of tulsi or basil helps keeps mosquito away. A shrub near your window or at home will help. 


Mosquito also hates the smell of mint, creating sachets of fresh or mint oil to keep around the house will definitely keep them away. 

Wondering if you'll have the time to create your own little natural repellent.

Here are ready made options at HB

  • We've got a dont bug me spray-on, for the skin made of coconut oil, with lemongrass and citronella oils.
  • Incense Sticks with citronella : love using these as the smell is so pleasant and calming for us but not so much for our buzzing friends. 
  • We've also got a ready made room spray made of a concoction of natural oils using herbs & plants like Devadaru, Nimba, Bhutika and Lamajjaka. 
  • Kapoor Dhani, an electric camphor diffuser. Fills the room with beautiful refreshing camphor aroma. These camphor fumes help in keeping away mosquitoes, & can also be used with essential oil.

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