How to use Baby (Raw) Jackfruit ?

Posted By Healthy Buddha on Tuesday 16th March 2021

Ideas to try with

Baby (Raw) Jackfruit


While scrolling through healthy buddha website recently you’ve probably seen baby jackfruit on the list.

Wondering how to use them? To be honest, so were we. We asked our HB community on social media for ideas and got lots! Only to realise how versatile it is

Here are all of the ideas in one place for you. So you could try something new or revisit a recipe you’ve tried before.


You could try :

·         A simple Thoran / Palya : sliced thin and long, cooked with a simple oggarne and lots of grated coconut.

·         Kathal Ki Sabzi : onion tomato ginger garlic gravy. Shallow

·         fry kathal and then cook it in this gravy.

·         In a coconut milk gravy : gravy using coconut milk , chilly powder,

·         coriander powder,turmeric, onion

·         Mezhukuvaratti : kerala style jackfruit seed poriyal

·         Chakka Vevichathu : kerala style mashed jackfruit with coconut

·         If you are looking for a vegan alternative for chicken :  try replacing raw jackfruit to make spicy gravies or semi gravy roasts in same recipe of chicken curry and chicken roast.

·         Pithau bhaja an Odia delicacy : boil jack fruit steaks in turmeric n salt water. Soak Rice, jeera, dry red chillies, n garlic. Make a fine paste and coat the boiled steaks n Tawa fry them.

·         Edichaka : steam the jack fruit..then take out the eatable part, smash it on a traditional arakallu, temper some mustard and dry chillies, add cut small onions, curry leaves and chillies. Add the smashed jackfruit pieces along with freshly grated coconut and give it a good mix. Add salt and cover and keep it for sometime!

·         And there are more :

o   In chips / papad / pakoda

o   In Masala Curry / Sambar

o   In Avial / Erissery

o   In a Cutlet / Munchurian

o   Include in a Biriyani

We hope you are trying and enjoying all the different kinds of produce listed at HB.

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