10 things you probably didnt know HB has on the menu (2)

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Tuesday 20th December 2022

10 things you probably didnt know HB has on the menu Part 2

We take great pride in identifying unique and traditional products for our customers at HB. Here are few of those unique ones which you might have missed out -

1. Vanilla powder :

an essential for baking and dessert prep. Its made by drying organic vanilla pods sourced from certified Indian farms. A pinch of it is aromatic and flavourful.

2. Sundried tomatoes :

intense sweet-tart in a packed into these dried tomatoes - great for toppings on pizza, pastas, salads and we even add them on toasts.

3. Chutney powders in these varieties : horsegram, morninga, flax seed, horsegram

These are all staples and always in flavour rotation at our house.

Theyre most picked (& easiest) sideish to sort out. Not only for idly dosa but even roti, as rubs and with hot rice and ghee. Any other innovations? Youll have to tell us.

4. Citrus peel powder :

Naturally sundrying peels of citrus like oranges, rangpur lime and lemon give this powder. Quite a flavour pop when added in salads, cooking or baking.

Also great addition to DIY face packs, face wash, hair wash, body wash, etc.

5. Ragi dosa mix :

Quickly whip up ragi dosas thats perfect for breakfast or an evening snack. One measure of mix to one measure of water and half curd gives a smooth batter. Just 5-10 mins waiting time and it is ready for the tawa.

With some peanut chutney we are all set.

6. Neem twigs aka Datun: 

who here have grown up using these neem twigs to brush our teeth ? We just bite onto one end, it turns to bristles and rub like any other brush. These tender neem barks are antimicrobial and antibacterial helping maintain oral health the natural way.

7. Grow kits - marigold, cherry tomato and dhalia:

everything you could need to start growing your organic plant is in this kit ! With really simple instructions. So if you are hesitating this is the perfect way to discover the joy of gardening. They make a great gift too!

8. Chocolate peanut butter : 

need we say anymore ? Peanuts, cacao powder, peanut oil and jaggery made into this creamy spread with bits of crunch - an instant favourite! Spread on your bread slice, have as a dip or add to milkshakes.

9. Bhoot jolokia aka King chilly: 

If spicy is your thing ! Then these are for you. Naturally growing pepper found coming from the north east of India. These are extremely spicy chillies, Be careful, use them in small amounts or pair them with other foods like dairy to reduce the intensity.

Remember to use gloves and keep your room ventilated, do not touch your eye after you touch them.

Work great for hot sauces, dehydrated as a spice powder or into flakes, chopped into large meals like stews or pots of chilli.

10. Bamboo toothpicks : 

These toothpicks are definitely the right pick! Great alternative to the plastic ones. We find it useful while serving finger food at gatherings

How many of these have you already tried ?

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