Desi Ghee: Health Benefits, and Various Home Remedies

Posted By Healthy Buddha on Thursday 06th July 2023
Desi Ghee: Health Benefits, and Various Home Remedies

Cow ghee is of great significance in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian Medicine. It recognizes the benefits of cow ghee in promoting physical and mental health. In Ayurvedic Medicine, ghee is used as a carrier in herbal medicines as it has the property to absorb medicinal properties and deliver them to the targeted parts of your body.

Its rich aroma, distinct flavor, and creamy texture enhance the taste of all dishes. So, it is no wonder that it plays an integral part in the traditional dishes of India. Indian cuisine depends on ghee to create tasty and flavorful dishes. Here is an exploration of the health benefits, culinary uses, and home remedies of ghee.

Health benefits of ghee

Ghee, the clarified butter, offers a wide range of health benefits.

  • It is a rich source of healthy fats, conjugated linoleic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids. So, using desi ghee in our daily life improves heart health, supports brain health, and reduces inflammation.
  • Moreover, ghee contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, essential for improving bone health and boosting immunity.
  • As cow ghee is a natural moisturizer, it helps to maintain healthy skin.
  • The benefits of cow ghee also include anti-inflammatory properties and better gut health.
  • As ghee is packed with essential amino acids that mobilize fat and shrink fat cells. Hence, you can use ghee for weight loss.
  • Cow ghee is used as an Ayurvedic medicine as it builds sapta dhatus and purifies the vata, pitta, and kapha doshas.

However, it is important to note that you will be able to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of desi ghee only if you use pure organic cow ghee. Desi ghee is made from A2 milk, which according to Ayurveda, is the best ghee. You need not waste your time searching for ghee from grass-fed cows. You can buy ghee online from Healthy Buddha.

Culinary uses of cow ghee

Cow ghee is a popular ingredient in Indian cooking because of its versatility and its health benefits. You can use ghee in various ways in your daily cooking and enjoy the benefits of cow ghee. Here are some common ways you can incorporate cow ghee into your cooking.

Frying and deep frying

Cow ghee has a high smoke point making it ideal for frying and deep frying. It is an excellent choice for deep frying because it adds a nutty flavor and crispiness to your food.

Sauteing and stir-frying

When you saute or stir-fry vegetables and spices in organic or homemade ghee, it imparts a delicious taste. Replace olive oil and refined oil with ghee in your recipes to add taste and flavor.


Cow ghee is a good choice not only for traditional Indian dishes but also for cooking pastries, cookies, and cakes.


Temper mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and other spices in a teaspoon of heated ghee. The heated ghee releases the flavors of spices and seeds.

Drizzling and topping

Ghee can be used to drizzle over vegetables and topped over rotis, parathas, and naans.

Everyone knows a few traditional Indian dishes are always prepared using ghee. They include

  • Mysore Pak
  • Halwa
  • Ghee rice
  • Pulao
  • Biriyani
  • Kesari etc.

However, many are unaware ghee can be used in many other dishes too. Here are a few tips on how to use cow ghee in your cooking.

  • Drizzle it over popcorn and watch your favorite TV show.
  • Spread it on your cakes and muffins to add flavor.
  • Use ghee instead of butter in your butter chicken and see the magic ghee does to your dish.
  • Add ghee to your homemade sauces.
  • Make your hot chocolate extra tasty by adding a little ghee.

Home remedies using cow ghee

  • Add ghee to a cup of milk and drink it in the night. This helps to sleep and avoid constipation.
  • Put a few drops of warm ghee into your nostrils to relieve nasal blockage.
  • Add two tablespoons of ghee to one tablespoon of coconut oil. Heat for a minute and apply it on the scalp to avoid hair fall.
  • Mix one teaspoon of ghee with a teaspoon of ginger juice. Add a little pepper and salt. Consume it to heal a sore throat.
  • Apply warm ghee on joints for pain relief.
  • You can use it as a lip balm to treat chapped lips.

How to choose and store cow ghee?

While choosing cow ghee you should consider a few factors.

  • Look for ghee that is made from grass-fed cows they produce milk rich in nutrients.
  • Brands that use organic A2 milk to manufacture ghee are the best options.
  • Look for ghee that has no added preservatives or artificial flavors.
  • Pure ghee, when heated melts immediately and turns dark brown in color.
  • Additionally, ghee produced using the traditional curd-churning method is of superior quality.

To store ghee

  • Ensure that the container you use is clean, dry, and airtight. Glass jars are the best because they don’t allow moisture to enter. Moisture will lead to spoilage.
  • Store the ghee in a cool dark place and excessive heat will melt the ghee. Don’t store it near heat sources like stoves and ovens.
  • You can refrigerate it to increase the shelf life.

High-quality ghee has good flavor, texture, and taste. If you want the best organic ghee, you should buy ghee online from Healthy Buddha, the one-stop solution for cold-pressed oils, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dry fruits.

Ghee is a wonderful ingredient with multiple health benefits and culinary uses. Incorporating it into your daily diet could work wonders for your health. The good news is you can buy ghee online. Purchase high-quality cow ghee from a trusted online source like Healthy Buddha. Experience the goodness of pure ghee and indulge in its rich flavors. Visit Healthybuddha and place your order now. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance the taste of your dishes and nourish your body with the best organic ghee.

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