Discovering the Delightful Dudhiya Malda Mango from Bihar

Discovering the Delightful Dudhiya Malda Mango from Bihar

Posted By on Wednesday 05th July 2023

So, I gotta tell you, this was my first time getting my hands on some Dudhiya Malda Mango. And let me tell you, it was something else! This season, I've tried different mango varieties from Bihar, but this one totally stood out.

Once I was hooked on its incredible flavor, I couldn't help but dig into the story behind this mango.

And guess what? I was blown away by what I found! It's got an amazing history.

Here are some interesting info on this amazing mangoes from Bihar:

  • Dudhiya Malda is a famous variety of mango cultivated in Bihar and gaining popularity worldwide.
  • It was brought from present-day Pakistan and named "Milky Malda" due to its unique irrigation with milk.
  • Dudhiya Malda is known as the King of Mangoes in Bihar.
  • Dudhiya Malda mangoes are known for their sweetness, distinctive color, aroma, abundance of pulp, and thinner kernels and peels.
  • Digha, the region where Dudhiya Malda is grown, used to be filled with the delightful aroma of these mangoes, but the orchards have been replaced by concrete structures.
  • The orchards in Digha are shrinking, with only around 100 trees remaining.
  • It is important to conserve and plant Dudhiya Malda trees on a larger scale to preserve this unique mango variety.


  • Film actor Raj Kapoor and singer Suraiya visited Digha's mango orchards in 1952 and took cartons of Dudhiya Malda mangoes to Mumbai.
  • Former Indian President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, a native of Bihar, introduced Dudhiya Malda to prominent personalities, including Indira Gandhi.
  • During his time in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Rajendra Prasad would often mention Digha ka Malda in his conversations. In 1962, when the President visited Patna, the Malda harvest was exceptionally good. Since then, every year, a consignment of mangoes is sent from Digha to prominent personalities, politicians, industrialists, and celebrities.
  • Fida Hussain, the Nawab of Lucknow, is credited with bringing a plant of this mango variety from present-day Pakistan.
  • Mohd. Irfan played a significant role in promoting Dudhiya Malda and earned fame at national and international mango exhibitions.
  • In the 1997 Mango Exhibition held in Singapore, Digha's Malda mango was ranked number one for its exceptional flavor and fragrance.

The current lot of Dudhiya Malda Mango comes from an organic orchard run by one Kushwa. He is practicing organic farming at his orchard since 6 years.

If you have tried already, would love to know your feedback :-)

Gautham PB

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