3 great ways to store strawberry for a long time

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Thursday 16th March 2023

Strawberries are quite delicate fruits & can go bad quickly if not properly stored.

They are seasonal and we wait all year to enjoy them during season.

This leaves us all looking out for ways to store them.. that make them last as long as possible.

Our customers came out and helped us with these three amazing hacks to store your fresh strawberries so they last longer :

1) “ Line a relatively air tight box with paper towel n keep the strawberries separate, not touching each other. Keep the air tight box in refrigerator. It takes almost 3 boxes, but worth it.

Also no washing or removing the leaf on top till you want to use them. “

- Smruthi Kiran

​2) “ You can make pureé and store in a steel container in the freezer

or just pluck the leaves out and store whole strawberries in a zip-lock in the freezer; soak the strawberries in room-temperature water whenever required. “

- Priyadharshini Madhusudan

​3) “ Hi, I have a hack.. wash strawberries in water with some white vinegar and soak for 5 mins. Then dry them well and store in the fridge with paper towel .

Stays well for atleast 2-3 weeks. “

- Sunitha Das

​Apart from this, here are some more options at our HB store :

  • we make our organic HB strawberries into a Jam which. This helps us store & enjoy them a bit longer..and in a variety of ways. We leave some chunky bits of fruit inside the jam, just how we like it. No preservatives, colours or additives of any kind.
  • From the Hills of Uttrakhand we get the mountain fresh Strawberries made into Strawberry Preserve and Strawberry coolers. These are hand made in small batches by pahadi women, using all organic ingredients. They use only traditional simple recipes using lemon juice and sugar to preserve their fresh produce.
If you’ve got some tips of your own, we’re all ears

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