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Posted By on Wednesday 12th July 2023

The beauty of India lies in the ever-changing weather, which brings about a corresponding change in the availability of fruits. It's a phenomenon that occurs almost every week, yet many of us remain unaware of these seasonal shifts. In sending these emails, one of my objectives is to raise awareness among the supermarket generation about the fact that certain produce is not available during specific seasons. 

Here are some notes for this coming week:

Great News - After a gap of almost a month, We are restarting cherries from Kashmir again. These are from even higher altitudes region of Dhara Village in Kashmir.

Currently it is not quite potato season and hence the local potato quality wont be as good. They are stored potatoes and will tend to quickly develop sprouts. So we have started as an alternate option Fresh Potatoes from Ooty. They are slightly more on the expensive side, but the quality is excellent. More importantly they are from fresh harvest. Local Potato Fresh harvest will start around October again.

Custard Apple started. We get these from forest areas in Rayalseema. These are natti varities Custard apples. Quite happy with the quality and taste of the first batch we received.

Because of rains, we faced a bit of quality issues with Jamun previous week. But is in control now.

 Fresh Soyabean from one farm available now 

 Rose Water is back in stock

Happy to report - All greens including methi are back in stock.

 Coorg Orange, the batch we recd before that about 10 days was a bit on the sour side. But the one recd last week was excellent. we are expecting again this mid week. Currently out of stock.

Pineapple Bungsang variety just started from Nagaland. Taste is excellent.

We will be getting a bunch of different mango varieties from UP this week. Dasheri, Langra, Dudhiya Malda, Chausa. Keep a watch.

 After my email last week, many of you mentioned that you got try dudhiya malda for first time and absolutely loved it. Really glad.

Local Mangoes we still get Banganapalli, Neelam, Mallika, Rumani. Most others have gone out of season. Enjoy these while they are still in season.

 Apples will be starting soon. In the next 1-3 weeks. So keep a watch.

 We started Red Dragon fruit from one new farm. Quality and taste was excellent. Prices have also reduced. Currently it is out of stock. we are expecting fresh harvest stock in 2-3 days.

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