2 Interesting details you did not know about Apples in India

2 Interesting details you did not know about Apples in India

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Thursday 04th August 2022

Apple season has officially begun ! We begin the year with varieties like Gala Apples and Royal Delicious, with more to follow. Typically the season starts from Shimla side and late goes over to Kashmir side as the months go by. Just to remind you - Apple seasons is between July mid,August to November End. So if you want to eat apples, now is the time crunch on them. Not the first half of the year :-)

Here are few interesting details you should know about Apples in India:

  1. Indian grown apples normally dont use artificial wax coating. It is typically the imported ones, that haves the artificial wax coating (you can make out by the shiny coating over it). You would see them in most super markets or convenience stores. At HB, we dont sell any imported apples. So you dont need to worry about such with us.

    Typically, On wax coating, there are two types of it. One that is naturally emitted by the fruit, one that is artificially added by humans. Natural wax will be milky. You may google for apple natural wax. also check this out - Click Here. What is dangerous is when someone adds harmful wax artificially on top of the apple to help it store for a long time.

    So if you do see some minor wax coating on any of our fruits, dont be alarmed.

    2. Lethal pesticides were not used on apples in India before 1983. In 1983, there was a large scale attack of mealybugs in Himachal Pradesh. The government issued an order listing 29 different chemicals that could be applied to apples. The attack disappeared, but the government order has not been withdrawn. Some of these chemicals are contact poisons, others are systemic.

    Apple farmers now routinely apply at least 12 chemical sprays. Since systemic pesticides which travel through the plant are being used, skinning the apple before eating is no protection.

Now if you are wondering, How is it Organic, Natural farmers grow Apples ?

Here is how

• They use neem cakes and spray neem oil to keep pests and insects away.

• Vermicompost pits have been built and these help make organic fertiliser for the apple trees, as do natural products like cow urine and cow dung. They also use organic fertilisers, mixed liberally into dug-up soil around the circumference of the tree.

• Being organic it is more labour intensive, quite simply because if a tree has pests, weeds or catches a bug, farmers have to physically dig up the soil or pluck and remove the infected parts. Its a lot of hard work and there are no shortcuts. But the farmers passionately believe that theyre labouring not just for your good, but their own too.

• And more importantly no artificial wax is added to the fruit to prevent it from decaying fast. But do note, few apples will naturally emit natural wax. (have explained above in point 1)

Like we always say, apples are not available all through the year, enjoy them now while they are fresh, crunchy and in season.

If you found this useful, please do let me know. It will motivate us to share more such information. Also please share with a friend who should know about it.

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