8 Household Tips to Use Beeswax Around the House

Posted By Healthy Buddha on Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Bees are amazing creatures, doing so many things with precision, using their small bodies and feet. You may be using honey on an everyday basis. However, do you know that they produce much more valuable that is useful around the house, like beeswax?


What is beeswax?

If you wonder what it is, it’s what bees use to make their perfect, hexagon-shaped honeycomb. Bees have special glands which secrete wax, which they chew up and use as beeswax.

Now you may wonder how beekeepers get and harvest beeswax. Well, they have to remove the cap of each cell in the honeycomb to harvest honey. These cappings are made of beeswax, which beekeepers melt and filter to remove all the non-wax particles.

The residue is the beeswax that is used extensively in beauty products and around the home. It’s worth buying beeswax in bulk because of the many easy applications and benefits it offers. 


Different products using beeswax  

Beeswax is a highly versatile natural ingredient for these many DIY home and beauty products. The main benefit or reason to add beeswax to your beauty products is that it does not ‘suffocate’ the skin like something like petroleum jelly would do.

This, in turn, helps your skin breathe while providing a protective barrier. Beeswax also contains vitamin A that helps hydrate the skin and promote cell regeneration. This is why beeswax can be used with shea butter or other ingredients to make DIY deodorants, lotion bars, lip balms, soaps, creams and baby products.

How to use beeswax around your house

1.     To make safe crayons, candles and modelling clay

With children spending so much time with crayons and modelling clay in their developmental phase, something natural and organic is always better for them.

Beeswax crayons can be made using equal amounts of beeswax and white bar soap. They turn out to be harder than the soy versions, which is also easier and better for your child to produce detailed pictures. 


Similarly, natural and non-toxic beeswax modelling clay can be made using beeswax and plant dye. It forms soft-consistency clay when warmed in your hands to easily form into shapes. You can preserve your creations and handicrafts by letting the beeswax cool, keeping it away from heat.

You can also make personalized candles using beeswax, which makes a great gift. Once you start making your candles you are bound to stop using scented candles and air fresheners.

2.     Prevent rusted tools

If you have lots of tools at home, beeswax can protect them from rust. Just rub it on the tools’ iron parts before storage. Rubbing beeswax on wooden handles also protects against possible wear and tear.

3.     Waxing threads

Instead of buying waxed threads for your handmade crafts like handmade jewellery and leather goods, why not wax your thread at home? You save money by rubbing and coating plain thread against beeswax which in turn lubricates and makes sewing easier. 


4.     For coating nails and screws

Coating your nails and screws with beeswax before hammering it into wood prevents the wood from splintering.

5.     Lubricating wood

If you have windows, drawers or sliding glass doors that tend to stick, rub beeswax on to the surfaces to restore its smooth movement. Similarly rubbing it on old furniture joints works as a lubricant and helps restore its functioning.  

6.     Furniture polish

Beeswax and coconut oil make great furniture polish. It hardens when cooled, which is when you can rub it onto your wood furniture using a clean cloth. Complete the polish and look by buffing the furniture with another cloth till the entire residue is removed.

7.     As an envelope seal

You can add a touch of authenticity to any envelop or invitation by sealing it using beeswax. 

8. Waterproof shoes and boots     

You no longer have to worry about your shoes and boots getting wet with beeswax around. Just rub it over the entire shoe and let it melt over the shoe with the heat of a blow dryer. Let it sit for about five minutes, and your shoes are ready for wearing.

Where to buy beeswax

You don’t have to look far if you are interested in buying beeswax, and want to know where you can buy beeswax. Just visit healthybuddha.in to order, and have it delivered to your doorstep.


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