Benefits of using Soapstone Cookware

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Thursday 13th May 2021

Why use soapstone Cookware ?

They always say for what our ancestors did, they had good reasons behind it.

We all demand explanations to traditional practices before we adopt them. So we've put together just that.

Read along to see the various benefits of using soapstone cookware :

  • The food cooked in soapstone vessel retains the natural, authentic aroma and taste.
  • Being a good insulator, the heat dissipation to the surroundings is slow.
  • Since they retain heat longer, the cooking time reduced.
  • Fuel can be saved by switching off the heat source few minutes before due, owing to their ability of heat retent. Hence it is time, fuel and energy efficient cooking.
  • Due to this insulation property, food cooked in these vessles remain hot for about 4hours. Thus reducing the need for us to reheat the cooked food.
  • There is a uniform distribution of heat while cooking in these vessels.
  • Some even note that lesser oil is used during cooking.
  • Being extremely dense and non-porous, it is impervious to bacterial penetration and prevents the bacterial growth on the surface,
  • As well as extends the shelf life of cooked foods.
  • The mineral enriched, cured soapstone cookware releases minerals such as Ca, Mg, and Fe during cooking. This makes the food not only fresh, delicious but also healthy in the long run.
  • The presence of chemically inert talc in soapstone makes it heat, acid, alkali, chemical, alcohol, dirt, and stain resistant.

     With basic care, these stone cookware are extremely durable and last for generations.

    Living proof are the vessels our grandmothers passed on to us, that we're able to use even today.

    Source : review article, Bulletin of National Resource Centre

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