Buttery Avocado from our Favorite Farm have Started

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Friday 09th September 2022

Each year we get these buttery Avocado fruit from an amazing farmer in Kodaikkanal. We just got the first batch earlier this week. He will have this butter fruit for another 3-4 weeks. So enjoy them while it is available.

I have personally visited his farm, and can vouch for how they take care of the farm.

Once ripe, they are wonderfully buttery and taste great!! I personally cant have enough of the avocado toast made from these.

So, if you love Avocados - now is the time to have them.

Also, Few good to know information about avocado below:

Did you know - Avocadoes do not ripen on trees, they start to ripen only once they are harvested.

Blink, & they can go from perfect ripened state to over ripe, blackish inedible state overnight. You need to keep a check on them.

We have put together some tips below how to check the ripeness of the avocados :

1) Best way is to allow them to ripen sitting on your counter, approximately takes 3-6 days.

2) Easiest hack to expedite ripening is to put them in a box of rice (with rice completely covering the fruit) or put it in a brown cover along with a unripe banana. Banana naturally releases ethylene (ripening hormone). Both options are personally tried and tested and work well.

3) We find the best indicator of ripeness is pressure from the hand

• Hold the avo in your palm.

• Apply gentle pressure (do not press tips of fingers in as it can bruise)

• If your avo yields to the gentle pressure applied, then ready-to-eat.

• If you find it to be quite firm, then it can take around 4-5 days to ripen.

4) Not all avocados turn darker shades on ripening: Colour can help in some level of initial visual selection, but is not necessarily an indicator of ripeness. At times, the fruit can soften independent of colour change. (Not many are aware of this)

5) Avocado can go overnight from ripe to over ripe and rot. So be careful and keep checking it while they are ripening.

6) If you want to slow down the ripening : once ripe, refrigerate it.

A ripe avocado will be easy to cut. Inside, you will find a beautiful smooth flesh - green that is darker where it is closest to the skin and lighter as it gets closer to the seed.

After a few tries, surely you will get the hang of it.

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