Differences between Coconut Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted By Gautham PB on Thursday 25th February 2021
This post is specifically for all of you who have always wondered what the difference is between the cold pressed and virgin coconut oils we sell. Read on to find out the differences between the two, so that you know which to buy for your family.

Differences between cold-pressed and virgin coconut oils

oil difference

1.Extraction method

This is where the main difference lies between cold-pressed and virgin coconut oil, its extraction method.

Cold pressed coconut oil is extracted from copra or dried coconut kernel, usually after drying coconuts in the sun. Like the name suggests, the coconuts are pressed to extract the oil and is ready for use and consumption.

oil difference

However virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fresh coconut milk and left to settle down. The fresh coconut is first finely grated and then passed through a machine to extract the coconut milk. 

The milk is kept aside for a day to separate after which it forms three individual layers.

They are the upper curd layer, middle oil layer, and bottom-most water layer. The extracted oil is then removed and left to settle. It lets the moisture in the mixture evaporate to give pure coconut oil.

2.Appearance and composition 

Both cold-pressed and virgin coconut oils look similar and have the same energy content. A tablespoon of any coconut oil contains 117 calories and 13.6g of fat where 11.8grams are saturated fats. 

Most of the coconut oil fats are medium-chain triglycerides your body uses as energy, but don’t increase the risks of cardiovascular disease. While both oils contain medium-chain triglycerides, the hydrogenated cold-pressed oils may contain Trans fat.

3. Health benefits

Virgin coconut oil is always healthier than cold pressed coconut oil.  It’s because, like in any other food processing methods, the heat used to dry copra can reduce the antioxidant content in cold pressed coconut oils.

oil difference

It means virgin coconut oil contains more antioxidants and essential vitamins than cold-pressed oil.

4. Taste and aroma

Virgin coconut oil has a delicious, tropical coconut aroma and flavour while cold pressed coconut oil has a neutral scent and flavour.

5. Cost

Virgin coconut oil is a more expensive option, which isn’t surprising. You need more coconuts to get 1 lt. of the oil when compared to cold pressed coconut oil.  

You now know about the different types of coconut oils we have in Healthy Buddha. Both are safe and healthy for consumption. The only and main difference between the two is in rate and the antioxidant levels. You can decide which is better for your pocket and health!

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