Do you eat something which even an insect wont touch?

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Thursday 03rd November 2022

Do you eat something which even an insect wont touch? Puzzled by this question.

Here is some food for thought below.

Our food grows at fields in harmony with all kinds of life forms. Insects which are also present may take a small share.

Unlike humans insects can actually sense a chemical laden veggie from one that is not. And they normally like only organic green leafy vegetables and avoid chemical laden ones.

So, having some insect holes in your palak or seeing an insect in your cauliflower, is only a natures certificate that it is organic & is good to consume.

So, next time, when you automatically go for the best looking green leaf vegetable without any holes in your supermarket, think about this.

We would love to know your thoughts too.

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