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Posted By on Monday 02nd August 2021

Do you consume eggs and are worried about bird flu ?  If you don't, this post may not be relevant for you.

In the context of ongoing bird flu scare, wanted to clarify about the free range eggs we are selling from Farm Made. They are absolutely safe and nothing to worry about. You can continue eating eggs as usual without any worry. I personally do.

Few Points to Stress about our Farm:

  • The farm is located in a area, which is free of bird flu (Palladam, near Coimbatore)
  • The Farm has no interaction with other poultry farms.
  • They own all their farms, feed mill, hatchery, vehicles used for transportation of all material, packaging unit, delivery vehicles.
  • All their employees have no interaction with other poultry farms including the veterinary doctor.
  • They have a full time Veterinary doctor in their farms who's sole responsibility is to visit all their farms & keep a check on health of birds.

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One tip in the current context would be to avoid outside food with eggs used in it (Eg. Mayo in burgers, cream cheese frosting on cakes, etc)

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