Life in a coconut shell

Posted By Gautham PB on Thursday 25th February 2021
Life In A Coconut Shell

In my parenting journey, there have been many situations everyday where decisions need to be made. These decisions are not easy, given the amount of information new parents are bombarded with. For example, how on Earth do you decide which baby oil to use when you’re a 1 day old mother? How do you decide which oil is best for cooking for your little one which is safe and healthy, especially when you’ve barely had any sleep for six months?

coconut oil

Research has shown that Coconut Oil, being an excellent source of good fats is hands down one of the best oils you can cook yours and your child’s food in. It has been shown to help reduce LDL (Bad Cholesterol) and increase HDL (Good Cholesterol) making it good for heart health and the immune system. The fats in Coconut Oil are called as Medium Chain Triglycerides which come with immense benefits to the brain and body. In my home, we use Virgin Coconut Oil for baking, cooking and body care. Coconut Oil does not taste as strongly in cooking as some imagine it would. In fact, many people who follow Ketogenic,Paleo or Vegan diets like to eat it raw as well. 

Apart from the health benefits that cooking with coconut oil provides, you can also use it in many different ways. Here are some of the other ways I use coconut oil in my household:

For a baby’s skin :

I take a bottle of the purest quality Organic Virgin Coconut Oil available whenever I go to see a new mother and baby - simply because of its versatile uses. It can be used for massaging a newborn due to it being hypoallergenic, for reducing cradle cap or as a replacement for diaper rash cream. It works wonders for sensitive skin too.

As a moisturizer :

Winter, dry weather and travelling makes one’s skin dry and itchy. Air Travel and frequent hand washing especially worsens some people’s skin conditions. I keep a small refillable bottle of coconut oil always in my bag for these purposes. It doubles up as a lip balm as well in case you’re prone to chapped lips.

As a sunscreen :

Going out in the Sun for long but prone to sunburns? Coconut Oil acts as a mild natural sunscreen to protect your baby’s skin from harmful UV rays. This one has been especially useful since our child has been out in playgrounds, parks and beaches pretty much all year round since he learnt to walk and I do not like to put chemicals on his skin that can cause more harm than good. 

For Hair care :

A good Coconut Oil Massage has been used for centuries to help dry, damaged hair. If the oil has solidified, just put the bottle in warm water or melt it a little bit in the sun before applying.

Due to its antimicrobial properties, coconut oil is also useful in fighting infections such as Candida, UTI, ulcers,thrush etc. Its use as an antidepressant food is being explored as well. However, it is best to consult a healthcare provider to understand risks and benefits more closely.

I really feel I cannot live a day without using this versatile oil. It feels so good knowing I am not putting any harmful chemicals on my family’s skin or in their body. In order to get the most benefits, make sure to choose organic, virgin coconut oil. You could order it here. I’d love to hear how you use coconut oil in your home. Please share in comments. 

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