Meet our young farmer from Kodagu (Coorg) who gets our Orange

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Thursday 07th July 2022

Meet our young farmer from Kodagu (Coorg) who gets our Orange

When we say Coorg you probably think of Coffee or even Pepper first.

But there is more, even fruits like Oranges, Mandarins etc. grow in Coorg.

Meet Ashish, our young farmer from Kodagu (Coorg). He proudly says

" I want to bring these produce to people staying in Karnataka for them to enjoy "

In fact the Oranges that come from here are GI tagged to their location.

Meaning their location & it is conditions there, makes them one of a kind. The hilly terrain with well-drained soil and heavy rainfall can be regarded as the reasons for it is unique characteristics.

But not a lot of us here in Bangalore even know about these produce from our own state. Do we?

Check out my candid conversation with our young passionate farmer Ashish from Coorg. We talk about his journey and these GI tagged coorg oranges.

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