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Posted By on Monday 02nd August 2021

We have added about 100+ new products in the last 6 months across few categories. Here are few of my favorites among them. You can check out the rest here.

1. Dishwash liquid & Soap - While all of us eat organic produce, what about the whitish residue that stays on when we use chemical soaps for cleaning our dishes? I feel it is self defeating if we continue to use chemical laden soaps for cleaning the dishes. This was something, I have been wanting to sell at Health Buddha, I am glad finally this is available for our customers. They are made from completely natural ingredients and keep your dishes sparkling and chemical free.

2. Saffron from Kashmir - Kashmiri saffron is recognizable by its dark maroon purple hue, and comes from a certified farmer. Sheer presence of this amazing spice gives a great aroma and smell.

3. Thai Green Curry - This helps you make a quick dinner, especially in these times when you cannot step out much. While the paste is not as green as the restaurant ones, it tastes just as good. We have also listed Coconut Milk, so all you need to do is chop up a few veggies and you can make Thai green curry in a jiffy!

4. Chips - I personally love potato chips and nendran banana chips. It always bothered me that I had to buy it from outside, where the oil and other ingredients used is highly questionable. So, we've tried to make these as healthy as can be by using organic oil and organic potato/banana, and these do not feel oily at all.

5. Lip Balm Orange & Cinnamon - This works like magic for this time of the year. The aroma is very pleasing as well.

6. Dark Drinking Chocolate - Makes an amazing hot chocolate drink, perfect for the current cold weather.

7. Coconut Coir Scrubber - An eco-friendly and safe alternative to the plastic/nylon scrubbers available in the market. Personally, growing up, this is what we used at home in the 80s and 90s. These are of the ideal size with cotton thread stitching to keep the fibers in place.

8. Tomato Ketchup - For about 5 years, we could not find a good source for pure organic tomato ketchup, free from any preservatives or stabilizers. Some were organic, but were not free from the latter. Finally, we collaborated with George to get Organic Ketchup done, the way we wanted. It tastes delicious and is just like home made ketchup!

9. Camphor Cone - Came across this unique product recently. Growing up, we all used to use naphthalene balls in our cupboards to keep the insects away. These camphor cones are a better alternative as they not only keep insects/mosquitoes away, they also have a pleasant aroma and work great as natural air fresheners in your cupboard or car.

10. Herbal floor mopping liquid - This is what we use at home. It is totally chemical free and has a very pleasant aroma. It is 100% herbal and made from plant extracts. Effectively cleans the floor and keeps insects away too.

If you have tried any of them already, would love to know your feedback. Also, if you have any suggestions for any new products, we would like to know.

Gautham PB

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