Few things you might not know about HB

Posted By GauthamPB on Wednesday 28th July 2021


Here are few things you may not know about us:

  • We had a humble beginning in 2014, when we started with just 2 tables, a poster, and a mission to make organic produce easily accessible.
  • We literally fulfilled orders from my apartment in Whitefield during the initial days.
  • We have grown organically, purely by word of mouth, with no outside investment. A big thanks to our loyal customers who have been our big supporters. We still prefer to be answerable to our customers rather than investors (Also, we hate PowerPoints!) So, we know the value of each customer and we will never ever take our customers' trust for granted.
  • We prefer to be a small, niche company, focusing on making a difference for our customers, small farmers, small businesses and our employees. We consciously avoid working with big companies. So when you buy from us, you are helping multiple small businesses and farmers directly. Not some unknown conglomerate.
  • We do not stock our greens and vegetables. We harvest and deliver the freshest of produce from our farms based on your order. So, at times, there could be items that you may have ordered but could not be delivered due to quality issues.
  • Over the last 6.5 years, we have developed a good network of passionate organic farmers, who believe in the cause. So you can be assured on where your produce comes from.
  • We give out any extra veggies to Cheshire old age home in Whitefield. So we don't recycle any old veggies.
  • We don't sell anything and everything that has the tag organic on it. We carefully curate and ensure that only the best of produce and products are available for our customers. Typical rule of thumb is "Will we use it personally for our family?"
  • Would also like to point out - we are not quickest in terms of turn around time of delivery and multiple delivery slots like the other big online sellers. But, instead we like to focus more on the quality and working with genuine farmers and entrepreneurs.
  • Yes, we need to improve quite a bit on the technology front. But, we are working on it. We are trying to fix all the glitches in our website (if you have any suggestions, please let us know). App is also in progress. You should be able to order it in an app in few months (fingers crossed!)
  • We have realized that it is not always possible to maintain quality & service consistently, due to various issues that may crop up (we are dealing with nature after all). While we work hard to avoid any issues. in case such one off incidents, we have an easy refund policy as well as a good feedback loop back mechanisms, so we fix the route cause as well. Please just email us here.

Thank you for reading till here :-) and more importantly, for being our customer.

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