Tips For Growing Avocado

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Tuesday 06th April 2021

Here is a guide to growing your own avocado from saplings


·         Avocado trees do best at moderately warm temperatures with moderate humidity.

·         Plant your tree in March through June.

·         If you can, plant it in a spot protected from wind.

·         Remember full sun is best.

·         The avocado is a shallow-rooted tree.

·         They thrive in good quality, well-aerated and loose soil.

·         Its root system is very sensitive, and great care should be taken not to disturb it when transplanting.


·         Typically need to be watered two to three times a week.

·         As the roots reach out into the bulk soil, more water can be applied and the frequency of watering can diminish to about once a week after a year.

·         When watering, soak the soil well, and then allow it to dry out somewhat before watering again.

·         If the soil from around the roots can hold the impression of a hand when squeezed, it has enough water.

·         Ensure good drainage.

·         Plant in a container that has drainage holes.

Some even say, the secret to growing an avocado tree successfully is to ensure excellent drainage.



Avocado trees greatly benefit from mulches. Any organic material can be used, including the fallen leaf litter from the avocado tree.

For Fertilization

You can use vermicompost.


Choose seedling grown saplings over grafted. Here's why?

·         Seedlings grown trees will live longer than grafted trees.

·         They’re also a lot stronger and more hardy.

·         Seedling trees have a strong root system.

·         Compared to grafted saplings, seed grown trees produces 20 times more fruits per season. T

·         he plants selecting for the grafting must be always be close relative.

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