Ways to Naturally Ripen Mangoes

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Tuesday 25th May 2021

When Mango naturally produces a gas that aids ripening, why go artificial ?

Mango is a fruit that naturally releases ethylene. This a colourless odourless gas, that is responsible for the ripening changes that happen in them

Calcium carbide a harmful chemical that is used in ripening mangoes. Pouches of calcium carbide are placed with mangoes. When this chemical comes in contact with moisture, acetylene gas is produced, the effects of which are similar to ethylene.

This is not only harmful for the body but also, causes reduction in fruit quality.

Choose to go the chemical free way.

Here are some easy ways to naturally ripen mangoes

1. Submerged in Rice


2. Wrapped in newspaper/paperbag


3. Adding along other ethylene producing fruits like organic apple / banana


4. Setting aside in Carboard box with hay


5. Setting aside on your counter 


We hope you #goorganic


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