Why I Eat Organic? - Meet Abhigna

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Tuesday 06th April 2021
Otherwise a cynical being, I dream about environmental sustainability (that's indeed a weighty term, and why stop at healthy food!) turning into a fundamental right. Now, I'm looking to get in touch with people who believe that holistic production and distribution are essential for holistic living and are working towards realising this, at any scale, mainly targeting the middle and lower classes.

customerRegarding my background, having chosen the very lively Bombay as the temporary anchor for my vagabond soul, I've just shifted base to Bangalore to look after a loved one who's taken ill. Here, along with my wonderful partner Alex, I have been looking for ways to ensure good health for us all. While me and mum were skeptical about finding genuine and reasonably priced organic options, Alex was quick in finding Healthy Buddha appealing, what's with the variety, quality assurance, pricing, and home-delivery convenience. HB lives up to its promise, and while I continue looking at other organic options for better cost and quality, nothing has surpassed it yet. Mum observes how the produce tastes and turns out much like the food available in her small Andhra town decades ago (for example, the skin of the nati [country, as opposed to hybrid] tomato is supposed to roll out on being cooked, unlike the so-called nati variety available in the market). It's been two months, and I can say it helped me turn vegetarian once again, and everyone feels healthier.

While I believe we (and that includes those who can't read this) should be able to walk up to our neighborhood vegetable cart to get our daily fresh, organic, and affordable produce (which is tough given the many industries thriving on the unhealthy and borderline evil methods that produce our conventional food), I commend organisations like HB that take us some steps closer to realising this dream. :)
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