Why I Eat Organic?- Meet Kiruthika M

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Monday 12th April 2021

I was born in Chennai, grew up in Trichy & studied Biotechnology. Now, I have 2 adorable boys (my son and husband) who keep me on my toes. Apart from vicariously going to school thanks to my son, I love to cook and collect recipes. Embroidery is something I picked up from my mom. I love to read and discuss everything under the sun.

My parents were always searching for healthier foods when I was growing up and I guess it caught on to me. Once I had my own family to take care of, I turned completely organic. I hadn't thought about it before I sat down to write this, good eating habit is indeed the best gift one can give to their child. Adding to this, during my college days, I had to memorize a bunch of organophosphates, organochlorines and it scared me enough that I didn't want them anywhere near me or my family (one good use of sitting through a year of entomology).

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