Why I Eat Organic ? - Meet Ranjini

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Tuesday 27th July 2021


" I grew up in Bangalore on a diet of fresh-cooked meals and stories. I'm an author (my book, Lessons From My Mother's Kitchen, is available on Healthy Buddha) features writer and communications professor, but I believe my real passion is cooking. Life took me around the world, and allowed me to explore several places, cuisines and cultures. I turned to many different diets, and finally, having relocated to Bangalore a few years ago with my husband and daughter, I've come closer to my roots than ever before. 

I think just being mindful in everyday matters can open many windows of learning for anyone, even if they're not academically or professionally into nutrition/ psychology/ environmental studies. I don't think of choosing organic or naturally grown produce as a trend, or an isolated life choice -- I think it's so interwoven with the kind of lifestyle we choose for ourselves. Is it enough just to eat organic food, and not exercise, meditate, segregate our trash, pick eco-friendly household products, buy less plastic? I think the entire matrix of sustainability should be our focus, and it will naturally lead to making conscious choices for our health as well as the health of our planet. Since I write exclusively about food, culture, health and wellness, nutritional psychiatry is something that really fascinates me, and I believe that it's going to pioneer the way forward for the wellness industry, as we deal with the repercussions of bigger clusters of high-stress, technology-driven lifestyles. 

I truly believe that what we eat makes us who we are, and it is also an immersive traditional experience. Once we understand the way our ancient traditions are interpreted in modern science, we'll know what's best for us, and how important it is to leave it as a legacy for the next generation "

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