Why I Eat Organic ? - Meet Thangam

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Saturday 15th May 2021

Come lets meet Thangam

" I’m Thangam; a film student originally from Slovakia, living in India for the past 4 years now as my husband is from Kerala. I have tried to be conscious with my food choices, opting for healthier and natural alternatives ever since I started my own family. Of course I grew up eating all sorts of processed and junk food without giving much thought to it. Accidentally reading food labels once opened my eyes to how much additives were in almost everything I ate. Figuring out what to eat and what to avoid was not an easy task once I came to this realization. Most of the food we consume currently is ultra processed and unnatural unlike humans used to eat up until last century.

I started making small changes in my kitchen and food habits, choosing organic and chemical free produce whenever it was available. Initially people around me, even my family used to ‘raise their eyebrows’ and thought it would just be a fad, and it won’t be sustainable or even practical. It was commonly thought that organic produce is expensive, is of inferior quality and does not taste as well either; but these misconceptions changed with time and experience. It is only logical to consume food in the most natural way as we are evolved to, without all the harmful chemicals that can have serious detrimental effects on our health.

Services like Healthy Buddha make it far more easy to access chemical free organic produce in a single place in a very affordable way unlike before when it was hard to find a trustworthy vendor. Looking back, I can say that choosing organic was the right thing to do as it completely changed mine and my family’s perspective on food and health in general. "

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