Why I Eat Organic? - Meet Varuna Kandpal

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Monday 12th April 2021
Being a nutritionist, wellness coach and a mother it comes naturally for me to go the organic way. The challenge was sticking to my guns when people at home used to pull a joke on me “That cauliflower subji is tasty not because you made it but because it’s organic”. Though I never had to seek any approvals but I wanted to convince everyone that it surely is different and for good.
Then one day my husband tells me “ This papaya is so different, it has a lovely mangoey after taste, where did you get it from?” The beam on my face took him less than a second to guess “ORGANIC?” 

Knowing the health benefits or let me put it this way, after knowing the ill effects of artificial pesticides and growth boosters I couldn’t put my family’s health at stake.

Organic is a not a change but it’s a way of life that somewhere got compromised.
Absolutely loving the flavors of my childhood. Celery so crisp, guava so delicious and papaya so mangoey sweet…
I know it will go a long way for my family and me. Health hand delivered indeed.
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