Why I Eat Organic? - Meet Lalita

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Monday 12th April 2021
customerI am Lalita and it is a challenge to introduce myself. No, not because I have led a very adventurous, roller-coaster life (not yet anyway) - only because I don't know how to define myself best. I could spend hours reading Batman's origins and then feel "oh damns I wasted the day". But then again, these days I am on a break from the conventional office jobs - the ones we do when we are at work and wedded to our phones and meeting rooms - and maybe am getting a legitimate reason to waste my time. I am a proud, wannabe-helicopter-soccer mom to a little girl, a little fella and my two gorgeous dogs. I may not be the mom I want to be, but I will get points for trying.

And it is this trying that lead me to explore healthy, nutrient-rich, naturally tasty food options for our home. Everyone in my family loves to eat, and for a family that does so, that is all the more reason to hunt out the healthy. I also have a little foodplate picture stuck onto my kitchen wall that marks out the essentials of a balanced meal, and over the last year, I have tried zealously to unlock the secret of the tasty, healthy family meal. Healthy Buddha is a big part of that journey. 

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