Why you should play with only natural holi colours this year

Posted By Gautham PB on Thursday 25th February 2021
Holi is the traditional festival celebrated all over India with frolic and gusto marking the return of spring. This is the festival of revelry embarking brotherhood where the celebrants “play”. During this festival, people let go of their everyday inhibitions. The Holi fervor is not complete without the use of colors. But, are we playing safe holi? In the olden days, holi’s hues came from natural sources such as plants that were purely herbal and safe to use. They were formerly extracted from natural sources, like berries, spices, flowers, and other natural plants. However, in the modern scenario, the colors became brighter and more toxic owing to the greed of producers that are detrimental to the eyes, lungs and the skin!

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As per the skin experts and dermatologists, one must use herbal colors to play safe holi without losing the fun and frolic of the festival as most of the modern powders for the Holi celebration might be of chemical content!

The best aspect of using organic Holi colors are that their production process is critically monitored to ensure that they are naturally made, safe, no side effects, healthy with good effects, skin nourishing and cleansing. Not only that, they are skin friendly, lab tested, and absolutely safe! Unlike chemical laden ones, the natural holi colors have no talc, no chemicals, no man-made colors, and are non-toxic.

Diminutive side effect of artificial holi colors- Cause of an alarm!
The chemical colors used in the holi celebration are sold in loose packs in the market causing harmful effects wherein the customers do not clearly understand the implications while purchasing these cheap synthetic colors. The present researchers alert the populace of impending dangers of the use of the powders or liquids with chemicals as regular use of such can many problems to health.
Do you know that the contaminants such as lead oxide, mold, copper suphate, and mercury sulphite can lead to many health complications once they get in contact with your skin, eyes or the respiratory tract regularly? This can also cause severe eye pain, foreign particle in your eye or feeling of excessive redness as well as eye tearing.

According to the dermatologists Shital Poojary and Deepali Bhardwaj, “the liquid colors which are available in the market are more dangerous than the powdered ones as they highly affects groin and armpit area.”
It’s time to return to all-natural, all-safe!
Did you know you can even make the colors yourself? Get your own red color that is purely natural by using dry sandalwood dust. It is beautifully colored and highly beneficial to the skin making your face smooth.For yellow, use turmeric as they have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which help the skin. For blue, blueberries, as well as indigo berries, will do the magic.
With the cooperative awareness of society recognizing the dangerous effects of the chemically made colors and inclining in the direction of organic and 100% natural colors, a lot of firms have begun to produce natural, skin-friendly, and environment colors.These herbal colors are available in all popular shades such as pink, yellow, green, blue and orange, etc.
Tips for purchasing natural and organic colorsLook up for the organic stores for 100% non-toxic and natural holi colors and ensure you check the items used to produce it is devoid of any chemicals for color vibrancy. Several Ayurvedic medication industries produce colors during this seasonal time. They normally have high-quality ingredients and may possibly be trusted. Natural cosmetic firms also produce colors that’ll be nice for the skin, therefore if you’ve got a brand you trust, purchase from them.
Why purchase safe, natural Holi colors instead?
natural holi
When you look at health records, you will see that natural Holi colors have a lot to offer.
They are typically made from herbs, food crops, agricultural produce, vegetable extracts, fruits and flowers. They’re extremely secure and healthy! To guarantee your safety, the contents of these colors are evaluated for artificial dyes and heavy metals! Safe holi colors are free from talc, artificial colors, chemicals, and toxics! They are tested in the laboratory and proved to be skin friendly, and absolutely safe for your kids!
Summing Up!
Holi, the festival of colors, should be celebrated with fun with due care and must be harmless which can be celebrated using organic and herbal colors. You can just go for buying natural items instead of chemical products to avoid high chances of side effects!
Choose natural products all the way!Play it safe!

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