Why I Eat Organic? - Meet Seema

Posted By HealthyBuddha on Monday 12th April 2021
Seema is a mother of two, who originally hails from Kerala. She lived in UAE for 14 years and is currently settled in Bangalore. 

Of all her varied interests, organic gardening takes the prime spot. She had successfully grown vegetables in her backyard in the desert country and presently has a garden in her balcony too. She is equally passionate about waste management and was a key player in implementation of the same in her society. She also is an avid baker (whole wheat) and loves to try her hands on different cuisines.

She turned organic way, not only to provide chemical-free food to her family, but also to support the initiatives trying to stop the abuse of our natural resources. She wants to inspire her kids to a healthy living, connecting them back to the nature.

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