Women in Farming - Story of Champion Farmer Padmaja

Posted By Healthy Buddha on Tuesday 09th March 2021

Now that you are done with all the giveaways, hampers and discounts for womens day. Let us get to the main point.

This women's day, the spotlight is not on us, nor on our products. But, on one of our women champion farmer. 


We've noticed that there are very few women farmers around. And would love to have more women farmers joining us. So we want to share with you the story of a very passionate farmer Padmaja.



We have had the pleasure of working closely with Padmaja over the last 4 years at Healthy Buddha. She takes great pride and passion in what she grows. The amazing fresh turmeric, drumstick, brinjal purple, tender coconut you order at HB, come from her farm.


This is her story…


“I started out having a kitchen garden, in an effort to grow my own food in a chemical free way for my family. I realised a marked difference in the quality, taste and colour while using my home grown produce.


So, I decided that this experience is something I definitely wanted to share with others. And that's how my journey into organic farming began 5 years back.


I took up on our unused barren family land and converted into a fertile organic farm. There was lot of mistakes and learning in the initial days.


Managing kids, family and a farm is not easy. If you have determination, you can persist. My husband & family were of big support to me. That really helped me balance both my family and passion.”


5 years fast forward, if you're now looking for Padmaja, you're sure to spot her at one of her farms, spending hours with nature, studying and experimenting with farming.

She tells us that “My favourite part about farming is being among greenery and nature. The calming and positive effect is unquestionable.”


She is a lover of Desi cows, she has them at her farm and her organic farming is entirely cow based. “ I have named all my 8 cows they are literally part of my family, and the calves are my playmates”, she says with a grin.


This is her advice to all budding farmers (both men and women):

“-Remember that farming does require hard work and lot of patience

- Make an effort to understand interdependence between nature's elements - plants, soil, water, weather and animals.

- Examine and touch your plants. They have lots of stories to tell you 

- Make sure to go along with nature and nature will guide you.”


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