"Loving the Sourdough Bread"

Posted By Deepa Mohan on Saturday 30th March 2024

"Sourdough bread made by George - Absolutely the best sourdough bread EVER!" Says Deepa Mohan, a customer of healthy buddha.

I have been tasting sourdough breads across the globe for decades and while there have been some scrumptious ones they are all mostly made of maida.

George's sourdough is whole wheat, fermented (for 4 days!) making it slightly sour and easy to digest. It is also nutty and glorious to taste.

Sliced thin and lightly toasted it is gold. Dribble it with some extra virgin olive oil it is heaven.

You can have it by itself or have it with any of your favourite spreads like hummus, babaganoush, pesto, avocado. 

......because the bread can be dense it has to be thinly sliced (as thin as possible) and lightly toasted.. this is key for liking it..

 Thank you George for this awesome bread and thank you Healthy Buddha for bringing it to us.

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