Time for a HB season update

Posted By Healthy Buddha on Friday 31st March 2023
Time for a HB season update 

Whats here in season at the moment -

Green grapes : Having absolutely wonderful season with grapes this year. These seedless thompson grapes are so sweet wed take these natures original candy anyday! The protip is to wait them in room temperature until they turn yellowish for maximum sweetness. The great feedback has been pouring in all this while.
Theyll be around for another 3-4 weeks.

Kalipath Sapotas : These  Sapotas from our current organic farm are easily the sweetest you would have tasted. Cant stay away from its pulpy, sweet honeylike taste. Best part is when we feel like a chikoo shake,  there is no need to add any sugar.Each of these fruits are handpicked even the ones on top of the tress 30ft tall. 

Mango : the one everybodys been waiting for has just about begun - weve got Alphonso, Sendhura from Kerala to begin with...the feedback has been good so far. Since this is still pre season, mangoes are still quite pricey. Were expecting Ratnagiri Alphonso soon..& looking forward to the rest of the season!
We are also being quite cautious of what mangoes we get. Since there are possibility of mangoes not ripening in the pre season. Actual season will be after 10-15 days.  So if you are buying it outside, watch out.

Watermelon & Muskmelon : cooling & hydrating melons are here to help us beat the heat..nothing more refreshing that biting into a slice of melon in this weather.

Red Guava : cant miss these... time to do some chilli guava shots or just some good old rock salt chilli dipped guavas as a chatpata snack 

Passion Fruit : coming from the Nilgiris, the juicy, jelly-like, sweet meat from this fruit makes a perfect addition to summery drinks. 

Catch these before theyre gone - 

Strawberry & Goldenberry :
with the heat turning up, your favourite berries from Mahabaleshwar are soon to be out of season until the weather is perfect to harvest them again next year.

Who is back after a while ? 

Red Potatoes
- have reddish tinge on the skin, with white flesh. Their skin is thin & have a subtle, sweet flavor.  This comes from our Strawberry farmer in Mahabaleshwar. Their waxy texture helps them stay firm throughout cooking. Can be used in paratha, tikki patty, simple way is to just roast with seasoning of your choice. They roast beautifully and are a colorful addition as a side dish.

Red Banana:
- Aromatic red bananas have a unique flavor, similar to the flavor of their cousin, yellow bananas, but mixed with the taste of some raspberries. They have a flesh that is cream to light pink. The peel being red due to carotenoid pigments. This fruit is excellent addition to fruit salads, your favorite ice cream bowl or the popular banana split.

Karpooravalli Bananas
- Considered one of the sweetest of Bananas..these seasonal bananas are back after a hiatus from our farm. This fruit is compact and packed with energy.
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