Top protein sources that helped in my weight loss journey

Top protein sources that helped in my weight loss journey

Posted By Gautham PB on Wednesday 15th February 2023
Top Protein Sources at HB - the ones I personally consumed in my fitness and weightloss Journey

Hi all, Gautham here..

2022 was a year of getting back to fitness and making it part of my daily routine.

My journey of dropping 16kgs was not in any way an easy one. 

What helped me, were a mix and balance of a lot of things : Regular work out - swimming, running, my water intake, sleep, intermittent fasting,  and importantly watching what I eat -  portion control & adjusting components of my food intake.

Over the course of my fitness journey, I realized, food played a very very important part in being fit as well as reducing weight.

I realized I was eating much more than what was really required for my body. In terms of portion of food.

Data suggest that the availability of large portions can override the regulation of energy balance and can have persistent effects that could lead to weight gain/ obesity.

Typical rule of thumb I tried to follow was eating carbs 1/3rd in a plate,  the remaining were protein and vegetables. I made sure to eat a lot of vegetables and proteins.

Although portion control is important for weight management, urging people simply to ‘eat less' of all foods may not be the best approach. 

So you should make sure you limit the energy dense food and include nutrient-dense food

So this is where increasing proteins and reducing carbs helped.

Proteins helped to fill my stomach more & prevent unwanted snacking. As well as supporting my increased workouts.

I am an eggetarian. I don't eat meat. 

I wanted to share some of the top Protein Sources from HB that I used regularly to improve my protein intake:

1.Egg :

When you think egg you think protein. 
Egg is the most complete protein(has all essential amino acids required) and very bioavailable one for the body ( amount of effect nutrient has within body).  2 eggs can give you an average of 12-14g of protein. 
Having access to free range and antibiotic free eggs at HB..
I usually began my day with a double egg omlette garnished with chilli flakes, spring onions, microgreens.

In my search for upping the protein in my diet I added this product at HB

Plain tofu is made with milk extracted from Soya Beans.

It's got a great 12.2g of protein per 100g. 
And its completely plant based.

Surprisingly I enjoyed it as soon as I tried this.
It actually holds well to stir-frying. And the various flavours like panner tikka, marinara, peanut - make me feel like being healthy and eating delicious meals can actually very well go together. 

3. Panner
Ofcourse we need to keep changing it up over the week, so I used organic panner from HB too.
It has about 18g of protein per 100g.

Don't have to spell out how versatile it is.
Great to add into any kind of dish - sandwich, rolls for quick bites, subjis, burji, even in salads, grilled.

4. Mixed sprouts, Channa & Rajma
I learnt that sprouted grain like brown channa, horsegram, moong are better in protein content.
And also the protein might be in a form that's easier to digest. This is usually attributed to reduction of amount of antinutrients (compounds that decrease the bodys capability to absorb nutrients from plant). I love them in Salads, sabjis, occasionally as a baked tikki for snack too.

In addition, I used to gorge on Kabuli channa and red rajma as well. They are a great sources of protein too (about 17-19g & 24g per 100g respectively). 
They work great as traditional Indian recipes - like rajma sabji and channa sundal. I also tried them out in hummus (easy snack) and the rajma in wraps like theyre used in the mexican recipes.


We introduced this very recently at HB.

Tempeh is also made from Soya like tofu is. But the process differs - tempeh is the result of natural culturing and controlled fermentation binding soya beans into a cake/patty form.

It's quite nutrient dense and considered one of the richest plant based protein sources.
A pack of about 175g tempeh that we have at HB contains a whopping 50gms of protein. All while being plant based. 

The taste is nutty and mild. It is known to absorb any flavour well.

Please do give me suggestions on your favourite way to have tempeh.  As i am still figuring out how to include this in my diet.

Also, I would love to know your sources of plant proteins.
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