Cream Honey

Cream Honey

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Crystalized Honey whipped into a cream. No other additions. Ideal for Sandwiches. No Dripping. 

If there were a way to combine all the goodness of honey with the ability to easily spread it on toast, bagels, biscuits, muffins, pancakes... okay, anything at all, wouldn't you? Well the answer is CREAM HONEY.  Cream Honey is made by whipping naturally granulated honey crystals into a creamy, smooth consistency, making it easy to spread, anywhere. We'll admit that our favorite attributes of cream honey, include an end to "sticky fingers" and drips of honey on your table or breakfast counter. 

It has no other additions. 

Someone who is not familiar with raw honeys property to form crystals may read here. But in general, raw unheated (unpasteaurized) unprocessed honey tend to form cloudy crystals or sugar granules. This happens more so in cold season. Never throw out crystallized honey as it is still great to eat. If you use honey on toast, in your coffee or tea, you will notice with heat the honey will reliquify before your eyes.

What our customer's who have bought it say

Tatiana: "It is very good! I give it to my son with some toast bread. It makes a great breakfast."

Triveni: ".. It's pretty good actually.. never knew honey could be whipped like that, great idea.."

Anita: "It is very good"

Nutritional info :  Calories 304,  Carbohydrates 82g