Desi Organic Milk  (Frozen/ Semi Frozen)

Desi Organic Milk (Frozen/ Semi Frozen)

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We will freeze it and deliver to avoid spoilage.  

We have not mentioned nutrient details for this milk. Reason being, it keeps varying from one cow to another. Also each milking will give different result based on what cow had eaten previous day. We are giving natural milk and only in standardised milk one can fix nutritional numbers.  

How does one use our milk?

  • ·            Store the milk in the freezer. Put it in the chill tray the night before, for it to come to liquid state. Dont keep it in the chill tray for longer hours if the milk is in liquid state. 
  • ·            Use it like any other the milk the next day morning. It is recommended to give it a boil once (like we do for any other milk) before regular usage.
  • ·            If milk is still in solid state, keep it in water for some time to bring it to liquid state before boiling.
  • ·            Those who are using milk cookers, the process is simple.  Need not wait for the milk to turn completely into liquid state.  You can straightaway put the ice milk in the milk cooker and after lighting the stove, stir it for few minutes so that the ice starts melting and you can then boil as usual.

After evaluating and trying multiple milk options, Healthy Buddha is bringing to your houses pure raw desi cow milk.

Healthy Buddha have tied up with a small farm which houses about 20 pure bred Sahiwal and Gir cows in Bangalore-Hosur border.
-              The cows are left to graze freely during the day and fed what is grown in the farm organically. 
-              Each of them have a name and are treated humanely
-              No antibiotics or hormonal injections are given. 
-              No artificial insemination.
-              The calves are allowed to feed on the mothers milk for at least 6 months.  Whereas the general practice in dairies is only 10 days.
-              Male calves are reared for farm work or donated to needy farmers and are not sent for culling like in other commercial diaries.
-              Everything is done naturally and hygienically, the way it was done during our grandparents days. 

Will it get delivered everyday?

  • ·        To start with, milk delivery will be along with our regular deliveries (2-3 times a week based on your need). Based on response, we will work out a subscription model in the future.

But, wont it get spoilt?

  • ·            The secret of preserving the natural quality of milk is to maintain at a temperature of less than 4 degrees immediately after milking. Milk packed and preserved like this lasts for a very long time (up to 3 weeks) without losing its nutritive value and natural flavor.
  • ·            We will freeze the milk and deliver. At your home it can be stored up to 3 weeks in the freezer. We believe it is much better than drinking milk with preservatives, or harmful A1 Protein.

Why Desi Cow Milk? Is it different from other organic milk?

  • ·            As per studies, Desi cow milk has A2 type of beta-casein protein rather than the more common A1 protein in crossbreeds, HF and JERSEY cows.
  • ·            Scientists has found correlation between the prevalence of milk with A1 beta-casein proteins and various chronic diseases. Study also shows A1 protein seemed to cause some people to experience bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, mucus build up and general discomfort.
  • ·            Research shows A2 Beta Caesin Protein help improve defense mechanism,  calcium restoration and prevent potassium loss  in young mothers and children. Fat of A2 milk is digestible and ayurvedic doctors recommend the same even to people with coronary illness .
  • ·            Google A2 Milk Menaka Gandhi for more details. She has been a champion in spreading the goodness of Desi Cow Milk.

But, why Raw?
·            Once milk has been pasteurized it’s more or less “dead,” and offers little in terms of real nutritional value.
·             Healthy alternative to pasteurized milk is raw milk, which is an outstanding source of nutrients including beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus, vitamins and enzymes, and it is one of the finest sources of calcium available.

·            Our milk is what mother nature intended with all the goodness of essential nutrients.  Check: