Cooler - Strawberry

Cooler - Strawberry

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This Signature Strawberry cooler concentrate is made with 100% organic strawberry puree. The strawberries are handpicked from the forests and home-made by local women from Divya's orchards in Pauri Garhwal. These orchards have been in existence from the 60's and among other fruits and herbs, it is surrounded by thick oak and pine forests.

This cooler is hand made by the 'pahari' local women in batches so as to ensure freshness to the end consumer and will be for a limited period of time. This cooler is made in small batches with fresh strawberries, lemon juice and sugar (all organic) - without any added colour or preservatives.

Usage: Mix with 3 to 4 parts water to taste. A chilled glass of strawberry cooler is the best way to beat the heat. This slightly pulpy cooler can also be used as a syrup on ice cream or in baking. And, it serves as a great mixer for cocktails.

Storage: Refrigerate upon opening and consume within 6 weeks. Shelf life of 8 months, unopened

Did you know: Approximately 25-30 fresh strawberries go into this one bottle