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Posted By Gautham PB on Thursday 25th February 2021
You can check the enclosed video to see the farm from where the milk comes 

Here are few FAQs that might help. 

Do we do Daily Delivery?
Currently we do NOT do daily delivery. But we feel it is NOT necessary. Within an hour of milking, we chill and deep freeze the milk. The milk can be stored in freezer for upto 6-7 days.

Does it have any preservatives?
No, it does not have any preservatives or anything added to it. It is antibiotic free. It is just pure raw milk unprocessed. In fact, since it is unprocessed, the texture and colour might vary at times depending on weather conditions and what cow eats.

Is there any subscription option?
We have a default subscription option of delivering 7 litres milk per time. And, we can also create a customized subscription option based on your need for milk. But we do have a minimum order value constraint of Rs. 435 for free delivery (per time) or Rs. 200 (with a fee of Rs. 35).

How do I Store it?
Store the milk in the freezer if it will not be used immediately. Don’t keep it in the chill tray for longer hours if the milk is in liquid state. 

If it is frozen, it will take time to liquify, so you may put it in the chill tray the night before.

Milk Usage
  • Make sure the vessel is absolutely clean
  • Add a thin layer of water in the vessel bottom before pouring the milk. This will prevent the milk from getting burnt at the bottom.
  • Recommended to boil the milk in SIM or low flame, especially if it is semi frozen.
For making thick curds
For making thick curds, It’s advisable to boil the whole 1 litre together instead of breaking and boiling since the cream will be on top.
Here is a secret for thick curds - let the milk boil for a longer time. 

Is it normal to see some inconsistency in Milk Thickness and Texture?

Generally with raw unprocessed milk, expect a bit of inconsistency in milk thickness, texture and colour from time to time. It is very normal. That's the way nature has intended. Only processed milk will be same all through the year.

This inconsistency happens because of:
  • Milk thickness is dependant on what the cow eats and weather changes. For instance, being rainy season, cow will tend to eat more green grass rather than cotton seeds. Generally when it eats more cotton seeds, Milk has more cream content.
  • Milk is not processed in anyway to make it uniform all through the year. It is raw milk in its purest form. So, milk will be inconsistent in terms of texture & colour from time to time. 
Our milk comes from a single farm. One Single Traceable Source. Not multiple farms like other brands. So any issue, we can always go back and check.

The fact that milk is inconsistent is proof enough that it is raw unprocessed milk. Had it been standardized processed milk, it would look taste and feel same all through the year. Which is what we are tuned to as a customer and such concerns would not have come in the first place.

We do regular checks in terms of practice and keep having regular conversations and share regularly feedback that we receive from our customers. So there is
absolutely no chance of any water or any kind of adulteration being done.

If you have not seen already, one can see the farm and cows that is being reared in the farm.

Spoilage or different Smell/ taste
This will happen occasionally. In case people find milk spoiled or different smell, it has to be discarded immediately. Do note the batch number mentioned on top of the label and email to healthy buddha (order@healthybuddha.in). Team will note for a refund.

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