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Posted By HealthyBuddha on Thursday 08th April 2021
Annapurna Farm is part of the group of Auroville’s organic farms. Annapurna is a farm of 135 acres with black cotton soil.  The farm grows paddy, millets, oilseeds, rosella,  and wood. 

Most crops are grown  seasonally, partly rain fed,  and where needed get mostly irrigated with harvested rain water. All grains are processed on the farm where we have a simple setup to mill rice and millets. This we do to assure our consumers of an unadulterated and genuine organic product.

The Farm has a dairy of around 25 crossbred indigenous cows. The dairy is fully integrated into the farm and the animals are mainly fed on fodder grown on the land and are grazed throughout the farm with a movable electric fence.The cows get some extra concentrate which consists mainly of organic millets which are mostly purchased .

The farm and dairy are both organically certified by IMO India.

The farm is stewarded by three Aurovillians;  Andre, Selvam and Tomas. Besides them, they have approx. 18 regular labors from surrounding villages. 

The two types of cheese they offer at Healthy Buddha store in Bangalore are Annafromage and Annagio.

Annafromage -
Annafromage is a classical farm cheese; produced on the farm in a simple way, made with rennet and matured/stored in our cool room. The production of this cheese started only 2 years back and we are still fine- tuning the process to make the taste and texture more consistent. Since milk quality differs from season to season; different temperature while producing the cheese, and different fodder regimes during the year, the cheese will always have slight variations in taste and consistency.  But maybe this is just what organic cheese is all about; we are not aiming to prepare a factory cheese, because that would not be a very  natural process.
They offer Annafromage in natural and a pepper coated variant.

Annagio -
They are producing Annagio since many years.
 It is a very unique product; can survive for months outside the fridge, does not melt when heated and is truly a very eco sustainably produced cheese.
This cheese was developed by us to be able to utilize the milk in the summer months when  sales were low and we did not have enough capital to build the required infrastructure to produce rennet based cheese.
Basically Annagio is a matured and dried paneer (all done under room temperatures)  and then shredded for use on pasta etc.

Why you should choose Healthy Buddha's organic food in Bangalore ?

• You can buy fresh vegetables online in Bangalore that are sourced directly from local farmers.
• Our products are 100% natural and organic.
• We provide home delivery of organic vegetables in Bangalore within 24-48 hours."

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