How to Grow Methi in Your Balcony

Posted By Gautham PB on Thursday 25th February 2021
Methi is an herb that adds so much zest and flavour to your meals. They give the best flavour and aroma when used fresh, which is why so many people have them growing in their backyard. 

If you have always wanted to grow them, but haven’t because of lack of space, then there’s no need to worry anymore. As these plants need minimal space and care to grow, you may pretty well grow them in your balcony.


Growing fenugreek or methi

Methi is best grown in the ground, in a wide pot or even in containers. They can even be grown indoors, on windowsills if you don’t have a proper balcony. You can alternatively plant it in your balcony vegetable garden or rooftop with other greens.

The main reason methi can be grown in containers, and in your balcony is that they have shallow roots. They don’t mind the low depth of containers, windowsills, and rooftop. 

The plant however has three-lobed triangular leaves and grows to a height of 60 cm. They produce yellow flowers which form beans with seeds.

Ideal spot

Methi is best planted in a spot that receives at least 4-5 hours of direct sun and has shade in the afternoon. It’s better to grow it someplace sunny if the climate is not so intense, and the weather is cold. 

Make sure there is enough space to grow in between seeds, at least 50mm in between each plant in straight line trenches. You can also sow the seeds in a criss-cross pattern or even sprinkle the seeds on a bed, and cover with soil. 

The seeds tend to germinate quickly, in just 2-5 days, with frequent watering. You don’t have to worry much about the spacing if you are growing fenugreek as a microgreen. 


You can even grow them if you have frost in your area, as long as you sow them indoors, about 5 weeks before the last season’s frost. Don’t keep shifting plants from one spot to another because methi hates being transplanted. 

Decide on the best spot in your balcony, or indoors based on your space constraints and the climate. Many people prefer growing them in a pot indoors, where it’s ready to use in the kitchen.

Sowing seeds

Buy good quality methi seeds from any grocery store or online. The best quality seeds give the best plants, with good germination rate. While it’s okay to directly sow the seeds, soaking them overnight increases the germination rate before planting. 

You can sow the seeds about 5mm deep in natural to slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6.0-7.0, or a good potting mix. They are best grown in spring to early autumn seasons when the soil is on the warmer side and temperatures between 10-30°C. 

Once sowed, make sure you water them to keep the soil well-moistened. However do not over water them, and avoid any waterlogged soil because it impedes the plant’s growth and may kill it. The seeds start germinating in 2-5 days.

Harvesting methi leaves



The leaves are ready to harvest within 3-4 weeks of sowing the seeds. Just trim the leaves from the top when required and use. Leaving the twigs lets the plant grow again to give you methi leaves in 15 days. 

This can be repeated for a maximum of 4 times. You, however, have to wait for 2-4 months if you want to harvest fenugreek seeds. 

Fertilizers and diseases

It will be good if you mix manure or vermicompost in the soil while planting. Feeding the plant with some natural NSKE (Neem Seed Kernel Extract), once a week helps it grow better. Add some fish amino acid on the 15th day to infuse some nitrogen into the soil for better growth. These are organic inputs available.

You don’t have to worry much about pests and diseases to fenugreek plants. Though aphids, charcoal rot, root rot, and powdery mildew are some diseases that may affect it; you can save your plant from them with regular watering and use of organic pest repellents like Pseudamonos.

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