My Healthy Buddha Farm Visit Tour : By 12 year old Pooja P

Posted By Healthy Buddha on Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Last week, My mother and I had the opportunity of visiting an organic farm with Healthy Buddha and here is my experience/take away from the farm tour.
We arrived at the farm located near Nelamangala at 8:00 AM. Once we reached, we were greeted warmly by the HB staff (Healthy Buddha Staff) and Gautham uncle (one of the founders of healthy Buddha). Throughout the tour, Gautham uncle guided us and shared little facts, tips and information about farming.

The tour started of with a brief lecture on the meaning of organic farming and mainly, its importance/ its relevance in society currently. During this briefing, we had the chance to interact with a local farmer, Mr Hanumanthappa who helped me understand a farmer’s thoughts on organic farming and the benefits of organic farming.

Soon after the briefing, we did the first activity, sowing seeds . During the simple and quick activity, I learnt , understood and saw organic and eco-friendly alternatives used for pesticides like” Jeevamrutha”. “Jeevamrutha” is a mixture consisting of cow dung, cow urine, gram flour, Jaggery and water. This mixture is rich in nutrients and microorganisms that would enrich the soil and help the plants and produce grow healthily.

After the quick sowing activity, we moved on to our next activity, harvesting Spinach (Palak). During the activity, I learnt simple tips and tricks on how to harvest spinach and how to identify what spinach to pick/harvest.

Following a quick pick came a delicious breakfast of fruits and a sweet drink of coconut water, and once our group was done with the simple and tasty breakfast, we headed for the ladies finder plot/field. At the field, we picked and plucked ladies finger and saw it’s a tall long plant and less recognized flowers. About ten minutes later, we picked and plucked chilies and tomatoes.

After some harvesting and picking of vegetables, we drove down to the nearby Guava farm.
Soon after a 30 minute drive to the guava farm, we got out of the cars to find ourselves surrounded by lush and green guava trees. The guava farm was a huge and vast farm spread across many acres. The farm also contained a few custard apple (Sitafal) trees. During my visit to the guava farm, I noticed other eco friendly alternatives for bug spray/ pesticides; such alternatives were scented tablets in bottles. This method would help capture bugs and insects that would ruin the produce, in old drink bottles. Inside these bottlers were scented tablets/wood pieces that would attract bugs and direct them to go into/inside the bottle, hence trapping the bugs/pests.

As soon as the farm tour ended, the farmer and his generous family served us delicious spicy buttermilk while we ate our cucumber salad, as we enjoyed our scrumptious meal, we pet and played with the farmer’s cows and calves. It was a fun experience to play with the cows and interact with the farmers 2 young daughters as we spoke to them in Kannada. 

Overall and in conclusion, the farm tour was a fun and educative tour that helped me understand different perspectives of organic farming and its importance to the individuals in society.

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