What is raw honey ?

Posted By on Monday 02nd August 2021

Ever since I started Healthy Buddha in 2014, I must have explained about "Raw Honey" to thousands of people. The queries and doubts became so much that, after a couple of years, I had to put together the below article to educate people around Raw Honey. Check the article below my email. You can also google about raw honey.

The thing with Raw Honey is that it tends to crystallize in cold weather. Basically it solidifies into sugar crystals or lumps (reason explained below). Those who are not familiar with this concept tend to think it is an adulterated honey. Many of us grown up in the 80s and 90s are used to D** Honey or any commercial honey, which looks clean and flows smoothly and has a certain sweet taste to it. Those who are experiencing Raw Honey for the first time - especially the part of crystallization, easily misunderstand and assume that we have sent adulterated honey.

So, over the years, we have been called many names like "Cheater", "seller of adulterated products" etc. In fact, most stores don't sell raw honey because of this reason. It is not easy to educate and clarify to each customer. They sell only pasteurized honey (this is devoid of most of the good stuff). But quite honestly, honey should be consumed raw to get the right benefits. So we want to make sure that our customers get to consume pure raw honey even if we are called a few names along the way! Recently we got a 'colorful' review on google rating for this specific reason. So that prompted me to share the below on raw honey :-) If you are not already familiar with it, hope you find it informative. http://healthybuddhamagazine.blogspot.com/2015/05/raw-honey.html

You can buy organic honey online from Healthy Buddha which is completely unadulterated and free of sugar and other preservatives.

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